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What is Accept

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Our Mission
To remove the mystery of CAD/CAM integration by engaging dentists who are investigating the technology with a hands-on course that is guided by some of the most experienced and successful CEREC® users in the world.

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Why Attend

The CEREC® ACCEPT program has been designed to educate you on the benefits of CEREC® technology before you make the investment in CAD/CAM for your practice. At CEREC® ACCEPT, you have the unique opportunity to interact with your colleagues who have successfully integrated CEREC® into their practice which in turn gives you the chance to have your questions answered by some of the most respected CEREC® users in the world.

So come join us and spend some valuable time getting hands-on CAD/CAM experience in an educational environment.

How to participate

Simply browse upcoming CEREC® ACCEPT program dates at all of our four locations around the U.S. Then go to “Request Info” and submit a request for information. You will be contacted by your local CEREC® specialist to discuss how you can get enrolled in the program and experience all CEREC® has to offer your practice and your patients.

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A great opportunity to dive right in to the technology & the experience

Landon Libby, DDS | San Diego, CA

It really feels like 1-on-1 instruction, with the amount of expertise present...

April Hinton, DDS | Salt Lake City, UT

I think the comradery & sharing that's occurring here is paramount

Jennifer Kirwan, DDS | Kansas City, KS

I've had my CEREC® for 1 year. I love it, its changed my practice

Mark Davis, DDS | CEREC® Mentor